1926 Rolls Royce Phantom I

MVC-049FMVC-051FMVC-054FRollsRoyceSpring2007 016MVC-057FMVC-059FMVC-089FMVC-092FA couple of years ago I had the fantastic experience of getting this car up and running to prepare it for auction.  It’s a 1926 Murphy bodied, Springfield Rolls Royce Phantom I dual cowl phaeton.  The chassis was built near Springfield, Massachusetts (yes, Rolls built cars in the US during the 1920’s).  It was then shipped to the Walter Murphy Company in Pasadena, California to be fitted with the custom body. The Murphy Company is famous for building custom bodies for a large percentage of the Model J Duesenbergs. This particular Rolls was owned at one time by boxing champ Jack Dempsey- The Manassa Mauler.  A few test drives around our small farming community provided a memorable experience for many of us.  A true classic, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me!

3 thoughts on “1926 Rolls Royce Phantom I

    • It was a truly awesome car, Tim. It was built to be the best. Has dual ignition systems for reliability. The ride was one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. Solid rear axle is attached to the rear end of leaf springs instead of the center as we’re accustomed to seeing.

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