Motorcycles are everywhere!


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Spring is here and Callie said to tell everyone to watch for motorcycles.  Give a wave to a cool cat on a scooter… it might just be Callie out for a spin!

Meet the newest member of Ron’s Car Care!

Meet Callie!   This beautiful little creature adopted me during a recent snowstorm.  I was shovelling the sidewalk at home after work, and she appeared out of the middle of nowhere.  She had the most pitiful meow, and we both knew I had to take her in.  There are already 3 cats living at home, so that was NOT an option.  I grabbed her, put her in the warm pickup and after saying a few choice words, I took her to the shop to live.  We had actually been watching her since last spring.  She would show up in the yard on occasion, and we’d seen her being followed a few times by her baby, who had grown up and left the nest by the fall.  She had been looking a little thin, so I’d offered her food and water a few times during the brutal summer (yea, i know!) .    Her visits were about once a week, and she’d let me scratch her ears while she was eating, but otherwise she was feral.  After stocking up on all the necessities for her to live here, and a trip to the vet, she is the most  loving, kind natured kitty I have ever been around.  A friend supplied a bed that her daughter’s cat had outgrown, and Callie took to it like I have never seen before.  She loves, loves, loves her bed!   She spends most of her day sleeping in the upholstery room, but comes out into the shop to make her rounds and keep me safe from any pests and vermin that might be lurking about.  Customers have taken a special interest in Callie also.  Some of them stop by just to see her and give her a little lovin’.  Here she is checking out a Kenworth seat cushion before reupholstering.  How helpful!

kenworth (2)

kenworth.   Callie the shopcat (8)