1929 Ford Sport Coupe

29 ford spt cpe (2)29 ford spt cpe (3)This car is a local Yuma County car since new.  Ford designed the sport coupe to look as if it had a folding top, but it actually has a canvas covering over a fixed wooden framework.  If you wanted a drop top version, you would buy the cabriolet- it’s top folded down, but it still had roll up glass windows.  If you were more adventurous, you got a roadster with it’s convertible top, and no side windows at all.  In case of inclement weather, it was supplied with side curtains that you would position onto the doors with a metal frame and a series of snaps to help keep most of the rain or snow out of the interior.   This vehicle had a ground up restoration by a local Model A Ford specialist in the early 1960’s.  I have done the repairs on it for the past several years, which included an engine replacement.  One of it’s many period accessories is the rare Twin-X two speed rear axle that provides for lower engine rpms during highway cruising.

1926 Rolls Royce Phantom I


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A couple of years ago I had the fantastic experience of getting this car up and running to prepare it for auction.  It’s a 1926 Murphy bodied, Springfield Rolls Royce Phantom I dual cowl phaeton.  The chassis was built near Springfield, Massachusetts … Continue reading

1923 Ford Model TT cushion “after”

Here are the cushions after reupholstering.  Bare seat spring units are still available, and I chose to go with the reproduction units for the seat base cushions only.  I was able to reuse the long backrest unit, since it was in much better condition than the seat spring units.  Instead of using the traditional hog rings to fasten the cover to the seat frame, these have a metal channel around the base of the spring frame that must be bent closed over a welted seam.  Others may have a wooden base frame that the cover can be stapled to.modelttruck (2)