Ron’s Car Care Facelift

CarCareBefore1Hope that you enjoy the visual improvements that we’ve made on the shop exterior.  It started with having it re-stuccoed last fall before cold weather set in. I was finally able to repaint the trim this past weekend due to the unusually mild temperatures here. The door banner idea is another creative project of Richard Birnie design. A group of us in Yuma have been in the process of trying to convince city council to renovate/revitalize/beautify the downtown Main St. business district, in conjunction with the water main replacement/ street paving core project that is supposed to take place this coming summer. One idea was to create visual interest by the utilization of art installations in blank windows, etc in the downtown area to make the area more unique and interesting. I mentioned to Rich that maybe some garage scenes painted on a couple of boarded up windows in the back building would be cool. Well let me tell you, he took that idea and ran with it! Without my knowledge, he came up with the idea of the garage door banners. Brilliant!! He had these fabricated and presented them to me for Christmas. What an awesome gift! Thank you!!!CarCareAfter5CarCareAfter1

7 thoughts on “Ron’s Car Care Facelift

    • Thank you! Leave it to Rich to come up with such a neat idea!! btw, it’s an old family photo of his. His Great Grandmother is the one in white on the LH door. I think that the car is a Buick circa 1920.

  1. The banners turned out better than I expected, I never saw the complete picture until we hung them up Saturday afternoon. A big thank you to everyone involved in the fabrication. This and the fresh facade is our contribution to the downtown Yuma revitalization.

  2. Ron, your shop looks great! The stucco, lights, paint, and now the pictures on the doors really complete the renovation. I would take my car to you if you weren’t so far away. Rich – you’re the best.

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