IMG_20130408_111425 IMG_20130408_111506“Irene” is another addition to the family this spring.   Purchased new in 1976 by a regular customer at the shop, this Chrysler Newport Custom Coupe has racked up only 39k miles since new and has had only the best of care, including being housed in a heated garage.  The owner was, let me say, a bit eccentric and quite fussy. She and her husband farmed, and never had any children, so everything they owned was gently used and cared for.  After her passing, all of her household goods and vehicles were put up for auction.  I had no intention of purchasing this, but Rich kept after me to go to the auction “just to see what it brings”.  Of course one thing leads to another, and I became the second owner.  Along with the car came the buyers order from the dealer in Sterling.  They ordered the car in January of 1976 and took delivery the following March.  An interesting sidebar to the story is that they traded in a 1960 Oldsmobile 98 hardtop with only 45k miles.  I remember that car well, as my grandmother lived across the street from them and I still have this picture in my memory of that car sitting in their driveway.  It was a copper color that was popular at that time.  Wish I would have been old and wise enough to not let that one get away!

I have serviced the Chrysler since it was new, and was always intrigued by the unusual color.  Officially, it’s called Saddle Tan, but I always referred to it as “pumpkin”.  Others thought it was “apricot”.  Whichever, it’s definitely unusual….   The padded vinyl roof is Chestnut in color, and the interior is Parchment.   It has all of the obligatory power options, tilt/telescope steering column and an 8 track tape player.  It is in showroom condition and rides and drives as it did when new.

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