1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88

50olds (6)50olds (1)1950 was the second year of Oldsmobile’s famed overhead valve V8 engine displacing 303 cubic inches producing 135 horsepower – up from 115 hp from the previous year’s straight 8 engine.   All the other manufacturers were having to work overtime to come up with a competitive power plant.  This model shared a basic body with Chevrolet, but was trimmed to the brim in  Oldsmobile post war Rocket style.

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It was definitely the hot ticket at the time. This car is a barn find that hadn’t run in several years and needing lots of TLC. It is a one family car that I’m in the process of getting back into driving condition.   I’m replacing all of the brake cylinders and hoses, cleaning the fuel system, overhauling the carburetor, performing a major tune up along with complete lubrication service.

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